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More About Moore Manor

Those of you who have visited Head, Johnson & Kachigian, P.C. know that we are lucky to be located in beautiful Moore Manor. During Tulsa's oil heyday, several oilmen built stunning mansions near downtown Tulsa and the Arkansas River. One such home was Moore Manor, built in 1917 by one of Tulsa's early oil barons, Frank L. Moore.
Moore Manor was a home for a number of years before being converted into an office. Head, Johnson & Kachigian, P.C., which was founded in 1958, moved into Moore Manor in 1980. Moore Manor was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 2, 1982.
You can learn more about Moore Manor on the Tulsa Preservation Commission's website, which includes a discussion of the architectural features of the Manor. Additionally, a terrific picture of Moore Manor is included in the Beryl Ford Collection at the Tulsa City-County Library. It is amazing to see how little has changed over the years regarding this historic building.
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