Protect Your Creative Works


Copyrights are a bundle of rights that protect literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, as well as sound recordings, films, photographs, and multimedia work. These rights prevent unauthorized use of the work, whether by reproduction, performance, broadcast, or otherwise.


Copyrights are used extensively in the Information Technology industry to protect software, databases, images, manuals, and other such works. More generally, all documentation created by a business in the subject of copyrights.


Copyright issues arise automatically, except where created by an employee, and is owned by the author of that material. This is an issue with businesses that commission independent contractors to create material. Unless a written assignment of the copyright takes place, the independent contractor will own the copyright to that material.


Head, Johnson, Kachigian & Wilkinson, PC advises on all aspects of copyright, from ownership, exploitation, and licensing to enforcement of copyright where potential for infringement exists.


Business and domain names form a critical part of the branding strategy of most businesses. Head, Johnson, Kachigian & Wilkinson, PC offers a full range of registration services for business names and domain names, both the in United States and worldwide. In addition, Head, Johnson, Kachigian & Wilkinson, PC provides policing services and advice on branding strategies for its clients. 

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