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What Keeps the Reel Going: World Intellectual Property Day Celebrates Film

While one could argue that every day is a day to celebrate intellectual property, the official World Intellectual Property day is celebrated April 26th of every year. World IP Day was established in 2000 by the World Intellectual Property Organization to raise awareness of how patents, copyrights, trademarks, and designs have an impact on daily life. It is also a day observed in celebration of the contributions innovators make to enhance society around the world.
To put it simply, this is a day to increase awareness of IP in our everyday lives and celebrate all the positive work carried out through the globe.

This year World Intellectual Property Day held the theme of “Movies -- A Global Passion.” This theme celebrates film as it has evolved and captured hearts all over the world as a universal treasure. From Hollywood to Bollywood, the film industry has quickly grown from silent film to the vibrant soundscapes you find today. America no longer dominates the field, as many nations like Nigeria are becoming hubs for film-making. Countless innovations and new technologies have been the result of the push to bring film to the height of audio and visual capabilities.
The beauty of film is that it is a great marriage of large concepts and their technical and visual execution. Film is innately highly collaborative, taking the work of actors, writers, directors, lighting and visual technicians, and innovators of all kinds to create a unique work. Each collaborator plays a role in creating the mosaic, adding vision, expertise, and creativity.
As a personal fan of Wes Anderson’s films, I find myself amazed by the level of detail and creativity that goes into every work -- how each film can look similar and entirely distinct simultaneously.
This appreciation and consciousness is what I believe World Intellectual Property Day is all about. During World IP Day, WIPO facilitated large movie events across dozens of countries and encouraged movie-goers to think about the creators and innovators who helped create each work.
With the rising power of the internet, there are obviously many advantages and challenges for the film industry. For artists and innovators, this means your work can be shared almost instantaneously and transmitted with the click of a mouse. Your creations are empowered to educate, influence culture and promote innovation.
However, sharing so easily can also result in exploitation and ultimately discourage artists from continuing to innovate. There is a delicate balance that the intellectual property system must manage. World Intellectual Property Day is doing just that. Through creating awareness of the impact of IP in our everyday lives and an appreciation for creativity, we too can take our part in preserving the intellectual landscape of our world and promoting innovation for generations to come.
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