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Motivating Young Minds: a Highlight on the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum

On January 25, 2011, President Obama stated in his State of the Union Address that he wanted to "spark innovation and educate our youth to win the future.” The National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum in Alexandria, Virginia is a great place to get inspired, introduce our children to the world of inventions, and pass on the knowledge of the past. The museum is a beautiful treasure trove of history and interesting inventions that have shaped our country into what it is today. The inventions housed in the museum were important enough to be granted patents in the United States of America and are a monument to American ideas that were shaped into reality.
The National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum is operated by the Invent Now Organization and is located in the atrium of the Madison Building where the United States Patent and Trademark Office is headquartered in Alexandria, VA. There are five featured sections at the museum; photos and detailed information about each of them can be viewed at the following links: Museum, Hall of Fame, Portrait Gallery, Theatre, and Museum Store.
Ever wondered how the food we eat in America has evolved from the farms of yesterday to the factories of today? Visitors to the museum can view the National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees’ food-related innovations, which are currently featured there. But hurry, the Invent Now Organization rotates these exhibits to make regular visits to the museum fresh and interesting. Be sure to peruse these news stories about the latest exhibition:
Press Release | Alexandria Times | Federal News Radio | USPTO Site
In addition to the Hall of Fame, the Portrait Gallery has many interactive digital electronic portraits of famous U.S. presidents, inventors, and Hall of Fame Inductees that are sure to entertain, excite, and educate everyone on the ever-growing topic of intellectual property.
Did you know there have been over 7 million patents and trademarks issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office? The Art of Invention highlights some of the best works of art that have emerged from them in honor of their creative, innovative and worthy place in U.S. history.
Patent models, patent drawings, design patents, and graphic art illustrations through trademarks which gave them notoriety are displayed at the museum. Although these fine displays were not deliberately created as such, they have become works of art which earned them a place in the museum to be admired by everyone who visits there.
In addition to the museum, the United States Patent and Trademark website has an age appropriate section called “FOR KIDS” that is interactive and fun, and is sure to “spark” innovation for children and adults of all ages.
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